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  •   The five technical advantages of screen printing m...

    The printed matter made by screen printing technology can be said to be everywhere we are, but we only understand that this is a screen printing technology. Everyone knows that there are five technology categories for screen printing. To say that the...Detail +

  •   Screen printing equipment, to the quality of survi...

    Screen printing equipment is a device that prints solder paste or patch glue on a PCB pad through a screen. Can be divided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-column screen ...Detail +

  •   Interpreting the difference between silk screen an...

    First, detailed explanation of silk screenScreen printing process is the ink leaked on the substrate after part of the screen through the screen, the rest of the screen is blocked, the ink can not pass through. This part is even more blank on the sub...Detail +

  •   The trend of automatic bottle cap printing machine

    Online printingAt present, in the domestic bottle cap printing market, the most commonly used model is a stand-alone pad printer. The operator must place the products one by one, remove them after printing, and lower the printing production efficienc...Detail +

  •   Teach you how to print easily

    1. The print head is too soft or too hard: try using a different print head.2, the image is too close to the edge of the plastic head: move the plastic head position, or change a new plastic head. Corrosion The depth of corrosion of the gravure is to...Detail +

  •   Briefly describe the "Theory of Evolution&quo...

    When it comes to our country's four major inventions, we must be familiar with each other, namely, papermaking, compasses, gunpowder, and movable type printing. These four inventions have played a key role in our later economic and cultural promo...Detail +

  •   Printing machine and printing plate design etching

        Pad printing is the use of the principle of imaging, the first to be printed on the steel plate etching patterns, and then in the printing machine using a soft pad (silicone rubber head) to transfer the ink printed on the object.  ...Detail +

  •   Printing process - the unique printing process

    A wide range of printing and processing industries, such as plastics, electronics, toys, stationery and so on. According to the product of different materials, deployment of different inks, printing the desired pattern, in order to make the product d...Detail +

  •   Silk screen printing plant to promote new breakthr...

    Silk screen printing process has become everyone well-known printing methods, the printing process of basic technical details and methods will not change. The improvements made to inks and substrates will continue to improve the adaptability of produ...Detail +

  •   New breakthrough in printing machine technology

    The development of the printing machine in the direction of automation should be the industry consensus, which is to improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of the fundamental way out, but also printing technology from labor-intensive indus...Detail +

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