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  •   2015 packaging and printing industry ten key words

        The calendar of 2015 has finally been difficult to turn over, looking back over the past year, that is, there are worries of the tragic moments, but also gives the hope of a wonderful vision. Here, let us together to review the next yea...Detail +

  •   How to choose PVC film for silk screen machine

        PVC sheet screen printing technology for more and more perfect, glass screen printing machine can enter the market more and more. It can produce industrial products, can also develop personalized products, but also to provide customers ...Detail +

  •   What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser...

        Laser marking machine since its inception, by virtue of its unique advantages and excellent performance by the majority of manufacturers pro-Lai, more and more widely used in various fields. The laser machine has the advantages of high ...Detail +

  •   Printing machine come to the fore the latest integ...

        Printing machine in the last century 80's spread to China, because it can be in a small area, convex surface of the product on the printing, has a very obvious advantage, so as to make up for the lack of screen printing, so in recen...Detail +

  •   Analysis on the Development Trend of Packaging Ind...

        China's packaging industry, increasing the content of science and technology, which has gradually become one of the important industries in the domestic economy. It is estimated that by 2020, China's packaging industry will buil...Detail +

  •   Equipment replacement automation equipment has bec...

        In recent years, with the rapid development of the global economy, cheap labor to the advantage of the manufacturing industry has been thin, coupled with the rising cost of employment, many companies are facing equipment replacement, wo...Detail +

  •   Analysis on the Development of Printing and Packag...

        In order to meet the needs of market competition, people are increasingly aware of the importance of carrying out standard testing. In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the state vigorously promote product structure adjustment, to carry ...Detail +

  •   Let the domestic printing and packaging industry &...

        Green printing refers to the ecological environment is small, less pollution, saving resources and energy printing. Green printing emphasizes taking into account the contemporary people while taking into account the survival and develop...Detail +

  •   The global printing and packaging machinery indust...

        The global economic growth slowed down, the printing and packaging machinery industry has also been affected by the slowdown in economic growth, profit margins have declined over the same period last year, the global printing and packag...Detail +

  •   China 's packaging industry needs to strength...

        Packaging industry in the high-speed development stage, but it is estimated that China's packaging industry will show excess capacity, over-reliance on energy resources, independent innovation can be weak, the enterprise competition...Detail +

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