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Analyze the automatic and semi-automatic similarities and differences between screen printers

I believe that you may encounter a common problem in the process of purchasing a screen printing machine. Is it good to buy a fully automatic or semi-automatic screen printing machine? Because this is not only about price, but also about the use of products. If you want to buy a suitable, cost-effective screen printer, you need to understand the difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic. Below the screen printer manufacturer Tongying is here to tell about their commonalities and differences.

Fully automatic, semi-automatic screen printing machine with the same points:


The layout is soft, the ink layer is thick, the covering power is strong, the printing quality is rich, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, the light resistance is strong, the printing area is large, and the like.


1. Easy plate making, low price and easy to master technology.

2. The ink layer has strong covering power and can be printed on pure black paper with strong three-dimensional effect.

3, the layout of the soft printing pressure is small, the screen is soft and flexible. Since the pressure used in printing is small, it is also suitable for printing on a fragile shopping body.

4, strong resistance to optical rotation, can make the gloss of printed matter unchanged. (No effect on temperature or daylight). This allows for the printing of some stickers without the need for additional filming and other processes.

5. Flexible printing methods.

6, screen printing can use a variety of types of ink. Namely: various types of inks such as oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion type, and powder.

The difference:

1. The automatic screen printing machine can be completed by one person in the operation process, without consuming too much manpower, saving time and improving efficiency.

2. While semi-automatic is too dependent on manual production, the efficiency is lower than automatic, and the semi-automatic screen printing machine needs more than two people to cooperate with the machine during the production process.

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