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Printing process - the unique printing process

A wide range of printing and processing industries, such as plastics, electronics, toys, stationery and so on. According to the product of different materials, deployment of different inks, printing the desired pattern, in order to make the product different and the quality is guaranteed.

Printing process is very thin ink layer, you can print on any material surface, make the color you want and effect. Any object can be pad printing. However, the size of printing and processing printing area has a certain limit, not full-page printing. There is no limit to the shape of the product in the printing process. Plane, curved surface and wave surface can be made as long as the plastic deformation can reach. Different from screen printing, silk screen printing ink layer thickness, printing area is wide, print out the pattern can be touched by the hand convexity sense, suitable for high-end product surface printing, but silk screen processing of the product surface is a regular plane or surface, there A limited range of printing limited central printing.

Printing can be a one-time printing products, fast and easy to operate, lower cost, more ink-saving, suitable for general factory investment. Odor-free operation Contamination A printing process that meets environmental requirements.

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