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New breakthrough in printing machine technology

The development of the printing machine in the direction of automation should be the industry consensus, which is to improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of the fundamental way out, but also printing technology from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries to convert the inevitable requirement.

At present, the high degree of automation of the printing machine is more common is the rotary conveyer of the printing machine, the printing process is completely automatic, but in the placement of the workpiece and remove the workpiece process still rely on manual. The degree of automation is affected. The vast majority of production enterprises in the printing process to consider the quality problems in the countermeasures are still imperfect, even if such a printing machine to complete the real automatic printing also face a lot of challenges.

General automatic printing machine tube is relatively rare, but the specific product for the object of automatic printing machine or a lot of surprises. For example, printing CD-ROM automatic printing machine, printing bottle cap automatic printing machine. The automation of the printing machine essentially means the automation of the product delivery, and the printing part is very small. A variety of new technical information to broaden our horizons, the infiltration of other printing technology so that we have a new inspiration, the customer's interview so that we have the enthusiasm of the printing machine automation requirements. The following text may not represent the direction of the development of the printing machine, but you can refuse it fresh atmosphere?

The printing machine of the web

Any printing process is faced with two kinds of feeding methods: one is a single sheet of paper, one is the web. The only machine that does not print the web in the printing process. As mentioned earlier, the printing technology is the only technology that does not integrate with paper printing. If the printing process does not have an advantage in terms of paper, I think it should be attributed mainly to the large format of the paper. Printing like a conventional sticker paper may not be nonsense. It is printed in the paper there is no technical aspects of the problem, its printing area is very small, compared to the resin version of stickers printing machine, printing web machine manufacturing is difficult, easy to operate, the machine lower prices. From a technical point of view, since the screen printing can be used in the printing of the web, then the printing on the web is no problem. Through our understanding, some manufacturers are working on the development of monochrome web printing machine, it is estimated that there will be a prototype within one year available. A printer with a cleaning device

Japan first installed in the printing machine above the plastic head cleaning device to improve the printing quality. In the printing process, because the plastic ink on the surface of the plastic head can not be completely transferred to the printed matter, the resin will continue to change the plastic ink on the surface of the edge of the trace, causing sharp decline. There are two ways to solve this problem: one is to improve the plastic head of the deinking ability; the other is the installation of plastic head cleaning device. The head cleaning device is characterized by the fact that the ink is printed on the top of the tape in the process of retracting the plastic head, and the residual ink on the surface is removed.

For multi-color printing, the installation of cleaning equipment for the improvement of the accuracy of overprint is obvious, if the multi-color printing involves network replication, then the phenomenon of network expansion will be significantly curbed. At present, the domestic printing machine has not yet appeared to install plastic head cleaning device movements, may be related to our understanding of the printing technology, we always think: printing is not too fine printing technology, do not need too much value printing The details of the process.

Overprint accurate multi-color printing machine

The traditional rotary pad printer production efficiency is higher, but the overprint accuracy to be worse, do not say fine dot printing can not be completed, is to require a little higher color patch overprint is not easy. This is related to the defects of its own structure. In 2003, a Japanese printing machine manufacturing company pioneered the introduction of a new four-color printing machine, this multi-color printing machine movement and traditional multi-color printing machine structure is very different; it is rotated around the central axis Four sets of plastic head system constitute a printing device, each time a rotation of 90 °; by the other around the rotation center of the four sets of printing system to form an ink supply device, each printing once also turn 90 °, each group of plastic head only and fixed The printing plate contact, overprint is very accurate. as the picture shows. This printer uses two precision rotary cylinders to control the rotation of the plastic system and the plate system, compact structure, coordinated operation, almost no machined parts, so the overprint effect is very good.

Many craft gifts need fine printing, if the overprint is not accurate is bound to affect the value of the product itself, the development of accurate paddle printing machine seems to be dispensable, if we do not have a better design ideas, it may wish Learn about the above example.

The fact that the threshold of the printing technology is too low has caused the proliferation of printing technology, and the printing companies face fierce market competition and the profit margins are being compressed. How to maintain a strong position in this competition requires the industry to think. Domestic printing companies generally have the problem of poor innovation, which is a long time the Chinese market economic system is not perfect enough to be caused by cruelty, but also the rapid development of China's economy has been concealed the fatal ills. We believe that only those with strong innovation ability of enterprises can really lead the Chinese printing industry is facing new challenges. Innovation is our victory over all the difficulties of weapons, only innovation, we can always stand in the forefront, become the last winner to laugh.

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