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Automatic Pad Printing Machine Technology

At present, automatic printing machine printing process is also moving to the field of updating. In order to put into production more effectively, the printing technology is gradually completing the on-line production, the printing machine and the entire production and operation organically combine to form a complete and unified link. At present, printing technology is gradually moving to the printing of automation, digital, high-precision system not only through the printing of the quality that is accurate, but also adapted to the needs of mass production. In addition, the printing of printing technology is gradually and production environment, product consumption and maintenance to form a complete part.

Automatic printing machine technology spread to China and the use of the history is not long, because of its small area, convex surface of the product on the printing, has a very obvious advantage, so as to make up for the lack of screen printing, so in recent years quickly. With the further opening of China's market, a large number of electronic, plastic, gifts, toys and other traditional industries mainly foreign-funded enterprises have entered our country, according to incomplete statistics, printing and screen printing technology in the industry applications have reached 27% , 64%, 51% and 66% respectively.

At present, we tend to print the paper as the mainstream printing, and the theoretical community of great concern. In recent years, screen printing has been valued, the first is because it is in the paper printing advantage. For example, the use of screen printing to complete the paper uv local glazing, special uv ink such as coral ink, ice ink, Zou ink printing than offset, flexo have a better effect. On the whole, the printing technology content is not high, in the developed countries, the high cost of production, in order to continue to develop is very difficult. Therefore, the transfer of technology to China's low labor costs such as the transfer of developing countries is an inevitable trend. At present, in addition to foreign countries can create a high degree of automation of the printing production line of a few companies, most companies will be the production base moved to China. Now with automatic printing machine printing merchandise description, trademarks and other patterns of more and more manufacturers, why they are willing to choose automatic printing machine as their choice, after all, the competitiveness of automatic printing machine where What?

In fact, automatic printing machine does have many similar printing machinery does not have the advantage. First of all, a printing machine can do up to 12 sets of color called multi-color overprint, you can print all the products at once, so that both improve efficiency and save money, even if the small factories just to build Affordable this part of the cost, compared to similar products silk screen printer multi-color overprint appears to be expensive. Second, compared to the characteristics of the screen printing machine, the inkjet ink layer is very thin, which means that it is easy to leave traces on the surface of any product, whether it is a plane, surface or wave surface, you can perfectly copy the printing pattern , But the screen printing machine in this regard is very complicated, and flat screen printing machine can only print the plane, if you want to print the surface and the wave surface will use another surface silk screen machine. Moreover, the automatic printing machine has a very good color performance and printing adaptability, although the silk screen printing technology to print the three-dimensional sense of strong, hand touch can feel the rugged sense of reality, but if more than the printed products Type, automatic printing machine can absolutely be called a universal, whether it is plastic or metal, whether it is sporting goods or glass products, for automatic printing machine is a piece of cake.

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