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Application of Printing Technology in Drink Plastic Caps

Plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in life. There are two types of plastic caps: one is plugged in and the other is rounded.

Plug-in caps generally do not have to be repeatedly installed, the shape is more complex, it is mainly to complete some functional movements, such as spray. The current main application in a number of shower gel, hair care products and pesticides, such as plastic bottles on the packaging. Round rotary cap is more common, the use of a wide range. This bottle cap protects the product from the bottle and protects it from the environment. It also functions to convey important information (eg, exquisite workmanship), such as a unified group of tea drinks, Plastic caps.

Pad printing is the preferred printing method for plastic caps. When customers receive orders for bottle cap printing, the first thing they want is the printing process. The printing process is a unique printing method developed with the screen printing process, similar to the rubber stamps in our daily life. The printing uses a relatively independent positional relationship between the plate and the substrate, and it is excellent to accomplish the task, no matter how strange the shape of the substrate is. Which makes known as "universal printing" screen printing are difficult to complete a lot of tasks eventually chose the printing process.

The use of printing process printing plastic caps with other printing process can not take advantage of several advantages:

(1) easy to replace the variety, plate is simple.

(2) less investment. Compared with other printing equipment, printing equipment investment at least.

(3) strong adaptability. The shape of the print head can be changed at will, which makes the printing technology to greatly enhance the shape of the substrate, suitable for different appearance and size of the cap printing. According to our survey, about 80% of the cap of its diameter will not be greater than 40mm. That is to say, a plate machine with an area of 100mm × 100mm can complete the printing of about 80% of the cap.

Plastic bottle cap printing elements:

1. Ink cap printing ink used in the printing of plastic caps, the choice of ink is essential. The cap is basically made of PP and PE material, the choice of ink must match the type of printing material. Select the ink should pay attention to the following two points:

(1) some of the ink added to the hardening agent, so that the effect can be improved, but increased the difficulty of operation, so unless the customer has special requirements, otherwise it is best not to recommend this method.

(2) the best choice of printing ink instead of screen printing ink. Screen printing ink leveling is better, while the printing ink is a better glial; screen printing ink drying speed is relatively slow, printing ink drying faster.

Although solvent-based screen printing ink can be used for printing, but its effect is not as good as a special printing ink. If you need UV ink, you should not use screen printing UV ink, because the screen printing UV ink transfer is too poor. If you must use screen printing UV ink, you should add a certain amount of gelling agent.

2. plastic head

At present, the domestic generally do not attach importance to the choice of plastic head, but in the printing, the choice of plastic head should be very strict. In the bottle cap printing, round plastic head application is more common. Select the plastic head, the need to pay attention to the following two points:

(1) in the network of the image of the printing process, the yellow, magenta, green three colors used in the hardness and shape of the plastic to be exactly the same, black plastic head hardness can be slightly larger.

(2) choose a good plastic film stripping, this plastic material used to offset the blanket part of the essence, can enhance the PP, PE surface printing quality.

3. Plate

For grape manufacturers with emphasis on print quality, the use of resin gravure is a wise choice. This plate is made of nylon polymer, no corrosion process, is conducive to quality management. At present, the resin gravure printing machine in Europe and the United States on the application of more common.


The cap prints a small area, so some people think that there is no need to worry about its cost. However, with the intensification of market competition, or should pay attention to reduce costs. This is why many manufacturers in the bottle when the printing using the printing without the use of flexible printing reasons.

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