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CNC102 Universal Auto-Screen printer

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all shapes of plastic/glass bottles, hard tubes. 

It can print any shape of containers all around in 1 print. 

General Description:

1.Automatic loading system with belt and vacuum robot

2.Auto flame treatment.

3.Automatic servo pre-registration .

4.Universal mechanical bottle transfer system

5.Automatic printing system with all servo driven: printing head, mesh frame, rotation, container up/down all driven by servo motors. Best accuracy even for CMYK printing for all shapes of containers. All Ethercat servo motors.

6.Automatic UV curing with electrode UV system from Europe

7.Super quick and easy change over from one product to another. All parameters automatic setting simply in touch screen. Product change is 15 minutes only per color.

8.PLC control & touch screen operation system

9.Automatic unloading 

10.Safety operation with CE standard 

Tech-data :


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