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Packaging machinery has led to the development of sensor technology

    In the packaging machinery industry, the application of the sensor more occasions, in addition to the basic functions, the current application of sensing technology has a new breakthrough. The current IC detector has been widely used in foreign food processing plants, this technology can detect the deterioration of food time. Food safety testing configuration is mainly composed of the scanner and the sensor, the detector as long as the scanner at the food emitted radio signal, it will make the food vibration, and the formation of music waves, sent to the sensor.

    At the same time, the market gap has become a battle for the development of automation. With the growing food safety issues, China's food safety more and more attention, so the food detection technology made a fine request. In the past, China's food machinery factory ignores the application of food detection technology, and compared with the overall performance improvement, food testing technology will have more room for development. Sensing technology plays an important role in food detection technology, including the collection of food temperature, location and so on.

    By comparing the parameters of the standard database, you can detect the date of food deterioration in a short time, and the test results are very accurate. Food packaging machinery in the detection technology is no longer limited to the application in the production line, with the importance of food testing in China gradually increased, detection technology applications will be further expanded.

    In machine vision products, color machine vision products have been used in food testing, mainly through the color of food to determine its maturity and quality level. In addition, the application of wireless sensor networks is also popular faster, foreign large-scale food processing plants have been applied to the technology to collect food information to ensure food safety system.

    Through the wireless sensor network function, consumers can better understand the food processing plant to produce food, storage of food and transport food the whole process, so that food processing more intuitive and transparent, can effectively dispel consumer concerns about food safety issues.

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