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Food vacuum packaging machine to promote the rapid development of the food industry

    Over the past few years, the development of the national food packaging machinery industry has shown a sharp decline in the field of packaging machinery is like thriving, triumphant, rapid development. The total output value of industrial output and sales growth were 11.64% and 11.17% respectively, and the cumulative output of packaging equipment was 82,673 units, up 21.97% year on year, and the cumulative growth rate was 20.64%.

    Industry-related professionals believe that the technical content of packaging products reflected in the processing technology and technology and equipment, the process is the core means, equipment is the development, verification, manufacturing the key, packaging machinery in the packaging process in a dominant position. Although China has accelerated the technological innovation research and development, narrowing the gap with the industry's advanced level. However, the R & D results abroad after another, R & D trends are becoming increasingly diverse, if the domestic industry can not achieve breakthrough innovation, will never be able to achieve domestic packaging machinery on imports of equipment overtake.

    Packaging machinery industry development prospects are very optimistic, but only continue to achieve innovation breakthrough, in order to keep up with changes in demand, grasp the initiative in the market, to promote the industry towards high-end, intelligent direction.

    Therefore, in the current policy of good times, domestic packaging machinery is an active transformation and upgrading, to the high-end, intelligent set of automatic professional packaging line into the field to adapt to the current food, pharmaceutical and other industries rapid expansion, access to better markets opportunity!

    With the rapid development of China's economy, to some extent also contributed to the development of the packaging machinery industry, in which the rapid development of the food industry to promote the birth of food packaging machine, and food vacuum packaging machine also promote the rapid development of the food industry.

    Food vacuum packaging machine is one of the many packaging machinery industry, is specifically for food products and development and production of packaging equipment, and in this industry to play their own role, to show their own style. This machine has the characteristics of automatic and vacuum evacuation characteristics, its structure design is simple and reasonable, easy to operate, just press the vacuum cover that is automatically completed by the program vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling, exhaust process, after packaging Of the product has a high anti-oxidation, mildew, moth, damp, the role, it can also shelf life, preservation and extend the shelf life of the product; its packaging out of the food landscape perfect, to some extent also promoted the product in the market In the sales volume. And because of its packaging fast packaging efficiency, can help enterprises to save a good job of labor, save time, to a certain extent, reduce the cost of production, which will improve the economic interests of enterprises, and promote the development of enterprises, So it is in the many production and processing entrepreneurs loved.

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