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How to ensure good screen printing quality?

As is known to all, silk screen printing machine is main equipment of the printing enterprise must use, now the market is more and more big, who are unable to guarantee the quality of printing, silk screen printing machine if we want to guarantee the printing quality of printing materials and printing accessories to make a good choice, then how to ensure good printing quality screen printing press?

Screen printing machine

1, screen positioning

The fixture materials used in this factory include metal, wood, plywood and transparent PVC sheets. If difficult to locate, substrate size and small, you should choose metal production fixture. If the text and text is close to the substrate edge, should be fixed beside the substrate and substrate edge as high plane wood, so as to avoid easy paste text and text. The net distance is generally 1.0~2.5mm. If the printing pattern is easy to paste or there are mesh, should adjust the screen distance.

2, screen selection

The quality of silk cloth is stable with uniform silk diameter and accurate mesh number. Generally selected mesh is 450~500 mesh. Fine line, ink fineness, absorption of the substrate, you should choose a high mesh number screen, on the contrary, you should choose a low mesh number screen.

Plate-making graphics and text on the screen and screen size should be based on the substrate structure, size and substrate graphics and text on the location. If the design is not good, it will affect the quality of screen printing, even can not screen printing. In addition, the same image and text on the printing, it is best to use a screen printing. If divided into two to screen printing, the process will reduce the qualified rate of screen printing.

3, blade selection

Most of the materials used are polyurethane. Polyurethane rubber blade has good abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and resilience. The hardness is 60~80 shaw. Screen tension, surface flatness of substrate, you should choose a high hardness scraper. On the contrary, should choose low hardness. In curved surface, low degree of spherical surface or flat (local convex) substrate printing, scraper width should be narrow rather than wide.

4. Screen printing process

High scratch pressure, the amount of ink, but the screen is easy to deformation, so the scratch pressure should not be high. Scraping speed is usually 60~200mm/s. Quick scratch, less ink, but not easy to block the net. Therefore easy to block the ink, scraping speed should be faster. Scraping line for straight, oblique and curve three. Should be based on the substrate flatness and text on the substrate distribution to choose. Scraping line long and ink consumption, scraping ink should be more even scraping a layer of ink, after scraping.

5, ink preparation

The degree of concentration determination method: the degree of concentration to ink through the screen, the printing surface does not appear screen or wire drawing. Thin degree to put on the screen, ink with its own weight can be reached through the mesh but not drop the best. When printing lines thin, they should be thinned, otherwise, they should be thickened.

The above how to ensure the good screen printing quality of the introduction here, screen printing quality including ink preparation, screen selection, scraper selection, screen positioning, screen printing process.

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