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Screen printer ink is not strong

Screen printing machines are now widely used in our work and life. Of course, screen printing machines need to use ink for printing. Screen printing uses pressure to pass ink through the mesh on the screen printing plate. A printing method that transfers to the surface of the substrate can print a variety of materials. When we encounter ink is not strong, do not know how to deal with it?

1. The printing ink of the screen printing machine itself is not enough to cause the ink film to be fixed firmly. It is better to replace other types of ink for printing. If the dilution solvent is improperly selected, the ink may not be firmly fixed. When selecting a preferred solvent, the properties of the ink should be considered to avoid the phenomenon that the ink and the substrate are not firmly bonded.

2. When the screen printing machine prints the printing materials, it is very important to carry out strict degreasing and pre-treatment inspection of the printing materials before printing. When the surface of the substrate is attached with grease, adhesive, dust, etc., the ink and the substrate are poorly bonded. Insufficient surface treatment of plastic products before printing can also cause ink fixing failure.

3. Items such as glass and ceramics must be sintered at a high temperature after printing on a screen printer, so it is good if the temperature is suitable for adhesion. A simple method for fixing the fastness and badness of the ink film: when the printed matter is paper, the printed surface can be repeatedly bent to see if the ink at the crease is peeled off, and if the ink is peeled off, its bonding strength is weak. In addition, the printed matter is exposed to the rain and the ink is easy to peel off, which is also a method to check the fastness of the ink film.

4. Screen printing machine printing polyethylene strands as printing materials. In order to improve the adhesion with ink, it is necessary to carry out surface flame treatment. For metal materials, it must be degreased and dust-removed before printing. The temperature required for the ink is dried, and if the drying process is improper, the film peeling failure may occur. In addition, in the textile printing, in order to make the textile waterproof, it is generally required to perform a silicon processing treatment, so that the phenomenon of poor ink adhesion is less likely to occur during printing.

The reason why the above screen printing machine ink is not strong is introduced. There are many reasons why the ink is not strong. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable ink. You can combine the inks commonly used in the screen printing machine mentioned last time. What kinds of to come together to understand.

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