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Automatic screen printing machine prospects and advantages

The automatic screen printing machine is named according to the automation degree of the screen printing machine, and is a development trend of the screen printing machine after the manual screen printing machine and the semi-automatic screen printing machine. Utilizing more advanced processes and technologies, the silk screen process is more precise, faster, and more automated. At present, the development of automatic screen printing machines is very good. More screen printing equipment companies have invested in this field, and the market share is rapidly increasing. The automatic screen printing machine will definitely replace the most widely used semi-automatic screen printing machine in the future, which is an inevitable trend of industry development.

According to the survey, the global digital automatic screen printing machine has entered a period of rapid growth, that is, 1% in 1995, 4% in 2000, 16% in 2006, and 19% in 2010. China's automatic screen printing industry "12th Five-Year" development plan clearly pointed out that by the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the output value of China's digital automatic screen printing machine accounted for more than 20% of the total output value of automatic screen printing machine. This shows that the market potential of China's digital automatic screen printing machine is huge.

The fully automatic screen printing machine can increase the production speed and automation of the products and reduce the labor force. Traditional screen printing needs to be recognized and judged by the human eye. It can be judged whether the standard is met by the comparison model and related measuring tools. The speed is slow and the error is large, which affects the uniformity of quality standards.

The automatic screen printing machine has been continuously researched and developed from digital program control, operability, automatic feeding, transmission, prepress, postpress and other procedures to ensure accurate work, convenient and quick conversion, and even achieve customer customization. In addition, the fully automatic screen printing machine can realize the development of a rotary screen printing machine that eliminates a certain step of the procedure, and develop a more efficient screen printing machine, so that many parameters such as scraping, knife pressure, speed and angle can be read immediately. It can realize program control, and it can repeat the output according to the procedure when printing the reverse copy. It can ensure the accurate use of production data from the pre-press preparation to the printing process.

Automatic screen printing machine can be used in all kinds of plastics, cosmetics, packaging boxes, metal plates, scale plates, acrylic, plexiglass, electronic products, household goods, stickers, leather transfer paper. Various types of cups, buckets, glass, baseball bats, planks, etc. It can also be printed on flat and curved objects, whether it is a simple block color pattern, full color pattern or pattern with excessive color. It can be printed at one time without plate making, without printing and repeating color, for the most beautiful and high quality. Efficiency printing. The automatic printing effect is more beautiful than the manual printing effect, the stereoscopic effect is stronger, the precision is higher, the quality is more stable, because the printing speed is fast, it is not easy to block the net, the product has less contact with the ambient air, is not easy to get dust, and the printing quality is better!

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