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  •   Domestic mechanical production scale automatic pac...

        In recent years, the domestic machinery industry has been expanding the scale of production, significantly enhance the productivity of the birth of all kinds of automation, intelligent high degree of professional production line of rapi...Detail +

  •   Analysis of Inkjet Printing Technology in Packagin...

        When browsing the store shelves or making online shopping, we found that the packaging of the product is no longer the monotonous style of the past, chic packaging and exquisite printing is the key to attracting consumer attention. Pack...Detail +

  •   2016 China's packaging and printing industry ...

       Some time ago, "Rabbit Dress Up" successfully lead to public hot, while the food packaging onto a hot topic. In the "innovation" environment, food packaging innovation has become an inevitable trend, as the packaging innovation to comple...Detail +

  •   Packaging printing "paper technology" th...

           In the new economic normal, energy-saving emission reduction, green and other voice wave after wave of the case, the small packaging area will be what kind of innovation breakthrough? 2016 China International Folding Show, ...Detail +

  •   The global printing and packaging industry will be...

           Environmental protection has always been the topic of common concern around the world, about people's life, health and spiritual development. TheSustainable development into corporate culture    Smithers Pierr...Detail +

  •   Packaging enterprises need to keep pace with the t...

        Paper packaging companies want to have the future, "follow the market development of the new trend" is undoubtedly the key point, such as:    1, packaging the Internet    2, the Internet fast consumer goods express p...Detail +

  •   What are the problems encountered in the developme...

        Simply put, the packaging machine is the product packaging machine, play a protective, beautiful role. Packaging machine mainly divided into two areas:    1. Pipeline overall production packaging.    2. Peripheral pa...Detail +

  •   The laser marking machine is compared with the tra...

        The laser marking machine is marked with a laser beam on a variety of different material surfaces. The effect of marking is through the evaporation of surface substances reveal deep material, which engraved exquisite patterns, trademark...Detail +

  •   2015 packaging and printing industry ten key words

        The calendar of 2015 has finally been difficult to turn over, looking back over the past year, that is, there are worries of the tragic moments, but also gives the hope of a wonderful vision. Here, let us together to review the next yea...Detail +

  •   How to choose PVC film for silk screen machine

        PVC sheet screen printing technology for more and more perfect, glass screen printing machine can enter the market more and more. It can produce industrial products, can also develop personalized products, but also to provide customers ...Detail +

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