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  •   Printing machine and printing plate design etching

        Pad printing is the use of the principle of imaging, the first to be printed on the steel plate etching patterns, and then in the printing machine using a soft pad (silicone rubber head) to transfer the ink printed on the object.  ...Detail +

  •   Printing process - the unique printing process

    A wide range of printing and processing industries, such as plastics, electronics, toys, stationery and so on. According to the product of different materials, deployment of different inks, printing the desired pattern, in order to make the product d...Detail +

  •   Silk screen printing plant to promote new breakthr...

    Silk screen printing process has become everyone well-known printing methods, the printing process of basic technical details and methods will not change. The improvements made to inks and substrates will continue to improve the adaptability of produ...Detail +

  •   New breakthrough in printing machine technology

    The development of the printing machine in the direction of automation should be the industry consensus, which is to improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of the fundamental way out, but also printing technology from labor-intensive indus...Detail +

  •   Automatic Pad Printing Machine Technology

    At present, automatic printing machine printing process is also moving to the field of updating. In order to put into production more effectively, the printing technology is gradually completing the on-line production, the printing machine and the en...Detail +

  •   Application of Printing Technology in Drink Plasti...

    Plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in life. There are two types of plastic caps: one is plugged in and the other is rounded.Plug-in caps generally do not have to be repeatedly installed, the shape is more complex, it is mainly to complete some fu...Detail +

  •   Packaging machinery has led to the development of ...

        In the packaging machinery industry, the application of the sensor more occasions, in addition to the basic functions, the current application of sensing technology has a new breakthrough. The current IC detector has been widely used in...Detail +

  •   The Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Packaging...

        As the rapid development of the commodity economy led to the rapid development of the packaging industry, bags in daily life everywhere, the demand for bags can be seen everywhere, such as retail supermarkets, every supermarket has a ba...Detail +

  •   Food vacuum packaging machine to promote the rapid...

        Over the past few years, the development of the national food packaging machinery industry has shown a sharp decline in the field of packaging machinery is like thriving, triumphant, rapid development. The total output value of industri...Detail +

  •   China 's packaging industry ten years change ...

        Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, "three represents" important thought, scientific development concept as a guide, emancipate the mind, reform and opening up, cohesion, tack...Detail +

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