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  •   The future trend of pad printing machine

    Since the introduction of pad printing technology, especially after entering the domestic market, more and more enterprises have paid attention to it with its obvious advantages. It is combined with silk screen printing technology to jointly open up ...Detail +

  •   What are the advantages of automatic pad printing ...

    Automatic pad printing machine refers to the machine that can carry out multiple continuous and automatic pad printing products. In the era of higher and higher labor cost, the automatic pad printing machine also replaces the common pad printing equi...Detail +

  •   The main classification of screen printing machine

    Screen printing machine is divided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-poster screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine.Vertical screen printing machine ...Detail +

  •   Future trends of pad printing machines

    Since the advent of the pad printer technology, especially after entering the domestic market, it has attracted more and more attention from enterprises due to its obvious advantages. It combines with silk screen technology to open up a new situation...Detail +

  •   What are the advantages of automatic pad printing ...

    Full-automatic pad printing machine refers to a machine that can perform continuous, automated pad printing products for many times. In the era of increasingly high labor costs, full-automatic pad printing machines have also replaced ordinary pad pri...Detail +

  •   Pad printing process of pad printing machine in gl...

    With the gradual establishment of a market economy in China, all walks of life have begun to enter a stage of stable development. As an industry closely related to people's daily lives, the eyewear industry is naturally no exception.There are tho...Detail +

  •   What are the noteworthy aspects of pad printer mai...

    The pad printing machine is one of the printing equipments. It is an indirect printing technology that can achieve complete printing and decoration on the surface of the object. Compared with other types of printing equipment, the pad printing machin...Detail +

  •   What types of pad printing machines are there? And...

    I. Classification according to transmission mode According to the different transmission modes of the main movement of the pad printing machine, it can be divided into three types, namely manual mechanical pad printing machine, electric pad printing ...Detail +

  •   The relationship between printing machine and ink ...

    The pad printing machine is a printing machine with a relatively high frequency of use at present, and is generally applicable to industries such as plastics, toys, and glass. Generally speaking, the pad printing machine adopts the technology of conc...Detail +

  •   Pad printing processing steel plate and plastic he...

    There are several aspects of attention to the production of steel plates for pad printing?1. Steel plate: When the etching depth is not enough, the amount of ink adsorbed on the rubber head is less; pay attention to the depth and fineness of the grap...Detail +

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