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The future trend of pad printing machine

Since the introduction of pad printing technology, especially after entering the domestic market, more and more enterprises have paid attention to it with its obvious advantages. It is combined with silk screen printing technology to jointly open up a new situation in the printing market. From traditional labor-intensive to technology intensive. This is a trend to adapt to the development of the world. At present, the pad printing process of the pad printing machine is also constantly improving and improving. Is a printing equipment, suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seal, etc. Pad printing is an indirect concave head printing technology, which has become a main method of surface printing and decoration of various objects.

The correct operation method is very important for the maintenance of the pad printing machine. How can we standardize the operation mode of the pad printing machine? The following only provides a part of the way to operate the pad printing machine. For more, please have experienced management or supervisor to refine and subdivide to achieve standardized management and production and improve production efficiency.

1. Before starting the printer, check whether the air pressure of the link is normal, whether the moving parts are collided or abnormal during manual operation, and whether the lubricating parts are lubricated regularly;

2. The positioning fixture must be firmly clamped with accurate position;

3. Before batch printing, the master must confirm that the quality, position and color of the printing are qualified before batch printing;

4. In case of abnormal operation of pad printing machine and abnormal abnormal noise, stop the machine immediately and report to the superior;

5. The pad printing place needs to be kept clean and tidy. The cutting tools, tools, measuring tools, positioning clamps, pad printing oil, oil opening, cloth breaking, gloves, pad printing heads, etc. shall be placed in the specified places respectively.

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