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What are the advantages of automatic pad printing machine

Automatic pad printing machine refers to the machine that can carry out multiple continuous and automatic pad printing products. In the era of higher and higher labor cost, the automatic pad printing machine also replaces the common pad printing equipment and is more and more favored by the factory owners. The full-automatic pad printing machine produced by Jinchi has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which is very suitable for manufacturers in all walks of life.

At present, the transfer press with high degree of automation is generally the rotary conveying transfer press, and its printing process is fully automated. Affected by the degree of automation, most of the enterprises still have some imperfections in considering the quality problems in the printing process. Even if such a pad printing machine wants to complete the real automatic printing, it will face many challenges.

General automatic pad printing machine is relatively rare, but there are still many surprises in the automatic pad printing machine with specific products as the object. For example, automatic pad printing machine for printing CD, automatic pad printing machine for printing wine bottle cover, etc. In essence, the automation of the pad printing machine means the automation of product delivery, while the change of the pad printing part is very small. All kinds of new technology and information broaden our vision, and the penetration of other printing technology brings us new inspiration. The requirements of customers will stimulate the passion of printing machine manufacturers.

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