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What are the advantages of automatic pad printing machine

Full-automatic pad printing machine refers to a machine that can perform continuous, automated pad printing products for many times. In the era of increasingly high labor costs, full-automatic pad printing machines have also replaced ordinary pad printing equipment, and are increasingly being The favor of the factory owner. The fully automatic pad printing machine produced by Jinchi has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which is very suitable for manufacturers of various industries.

At present, the pad printing machine with a high degree of automation is more commonly a pad printing machine with a rotary table conveyance, and its printing process is completely automated. Affected by the degree of automation, the vast majority of enterprises still have imperfect countermeasures in considering the quality problems that occur in the printing process. Even with such a pad printer, there are many challenges to complete the real automated printing.

General-purpose automatic pad printers are relatively rare, but there are still many surprises with automatic pad printers targeted at specific products. For example, a fully automatic pad printing machine for printing CD discs, a fully automatic pad printing machine for printing wine bottle caps, and the like. The automation of the pad printing machine essentially means the automation of product delivery, as for the pad printing part, the change is small. A variety of new technology information has broadened our horizons. The infiltration of other printing technologies has given us new inspiration. The requirements of customers will stimulate the passion of printing press manufacturers.

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