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What are the noteworthy aspects of pad printer maintenance?

The pad printing machine is one of the printing equipments. It is an indirect printing technology that can achieve complete printing and decoration on the surface of the object. Compared with other types of printing equipment, the pad printing machine has good operation in use. Performance, printing performance. Xiao Bian here needs to remind everyone that if you want to improve the life of the pad printer, keep the printing efficiency, although doing basic maintenance work on a daily basis.

As the following:

1. The air pressure component can not make too much water and oil into the air pressure system, avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder, and ensure the drying and cleaning of the compressed air. It is best to install a freeze dryer.

2, three points combination, to ensure that the use of pressure in 5-7kg / cm, daily check converter oil cup is enough, the pressure relief valve is not used for a long time. It should be pushed to the back end, and the air conditioning should use the medium oil R68# (ie the special oil for the pressure regulating group).

3. The other is to turn off the main power switch and compressed air source when stopping work; the speed control valve cylinder and the axis of each part should avoid magnetic loss; the components of the table slide and the precision height must be commonly used WD- 40 Wipe clean and oil to prevent the precision from being affected by rust.

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